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Kenyan professional golfer Greg Snow reacts during a past KCB Golf Tour event. The fate of the Tour is unclear as pros mule over boycotting KCB Masters.


A storm is brewing ahead of tomorrow’s (Thursday) launch of KCB Karen Masters at the Karen Club as local professional players plan to boycott the action.
The locals who plan a joint meeting on Monday before they state their ultimate stand on the competition are not happy with the fact that only 20 local professionals intend to be invited to the Masters event, yet the number of foreigners to feature at the two-day event has been placed at 40.
Local pros feel that it would only be fair if the equation was the other way round, with 40 local professionals taking part in the competition and 20 foreigners being invited.
β€œ A lot of things are in the dark, so far we don’t even know the prize money for the competition, the format and word has it that only 20 of us will be allowed to play. We are this time going to speak in one voice and we may not honour the competition in solidarity,” said one of the Professional Golfers of Kenya (PGK) leaders who sought anonymity.
He added: β€œIt also seems like KCB has ended the Golf Tour which really supported the sport in the country, because since we put in a proposal to them in August about this year’s Tour, we are yet to receive any response. So between playing a Tour and a two-day competition full of foreigners, which between the two builds the sport?”
England golfer Robert Dinwiddie is expected to lead the 40 invited foreign pros for the Masters. Other golfers are drawn from Germany, Sweden, Italy, Portugal and England among other countries.
The KCB Karen Masters will be part of Karen Country Club 80 years celebrations. cheap air max cheap air max

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