Kenyan Golf Clubs

                                                                        ELDORET GOLF CLUB

Kenya Golf Guide

Sign board showing direction of the Eldoret Golf Club.

Eldoret Club is located on the Nandi Road, off the Eldoret-Nairobi highway. It is about six (6) kilometers from Eldoret Central Business District.

Holes: 18

Length: 6 649 Yds (Men) & 5 921 Yds (Women)

Par: 70 (Men) & 73 (Women)

CONTACT: P.O Box 3100 – 78, Eldoret.

Tel: +254-53 – 2031395; +254-53 – 2031395; 2031249; 2030735

Fax: +254-53-2063292





                                                          ROYAL NAIROBI GOLF CLUB

Kenya Golf Guide

The Club House at the Royal Nairobi Golf Club

The Royal Golf Club is the oldest golf course in Kenya. It started off in 1906 as a nine-hole golf course and club house. The golf course initially measured 5 x 4 metres but got extended by four hundred and twenty nine (429) acres in 1927.

Royal Golf Club is located on Nairobi’s Ngong Road and provides the golfers, members and visitors with a panoramic view of the Ngong Hills.

The tees (Championship, Medal and Ladies) are the largest in Kenya.

Address: P O Box 40221, Nairobi

Tel: +254 (0)20 724 215; +254 (0)20 724 215; 712 521; 719 311; 725 769; 721 630.

Fax: +254 (0)20 712 520





                                                    WINDSOR GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB


Kenya Golf Guide

Front view of the Windsor Golf and Country Club’s club house.

The Windsor Golf and Country Club is located about seventeen (17) kilometers from Nairobi in an area of about 200 acres.

The club’s course boasts of international standard with beautifully landscaped sand bunkers.

From the front tees the course par for ladies’ is 5 579 while for the men is 6 407 yard.

CONTACT: P O Box 45587, Nairobi

Pro Shop Tel: +254 (0)20 862 300; +254 (0)20 862 300; (ext 436)X





                                                   KAREN GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB

Kenya Golf Guide

Karen Golf and Country Club’s club house.

Karen Country Club, situated about 16 kilometers from Nairobi, has what can be best described as the only natural green golf course in Kenya with a light swamp and a stream passing right through the course. Founded in 1933 by the Karen Estates Company Limited, the Karen Country Clubs’ golf course had an initial nine-hole and pins layout which has since grown into one of Kenya’s top eighteen-hole major championship course. This is one delightful course to play your golf.


Members 18 holes – KES 750

Members 18 holes – KES 2000 (Thursdays & Weekend)

Visitors – KES 2 900 (Visitors not allowed on Thursday between 8 am – 4 pm)

Members Guest:

Signed in by a Member 18 holes – KES 2 000 (Thursdays and Weekends)

Signed in by a member 18 holes – KES  1 500 (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays)

Holes: 18 – Championship Course

Length: 6951 yds

Par: 70

Max Handicap: Men 28/Ladies 36

Beginners are welcome to the driving range.

Lessons: Can be booked through Pro Shop


Address: PO BOX 24817, Karen

Tel: +254-2-882801

Fax: +254-2-884088





                                                   VET LAB GOLF CLUB

Kenya Golf Guide

Part of Vet Lab’s Club House.

Address: P.O. Box 29105 -00625 Nairobi

Telephone: 254-20-2166000; 254-20-2166000; 254 – 720-882499; 254 – 720-882499; 254 -734-596377; 254 -734-596377;

Fax: 254-20-2072920


Holes:  18

Length: Men 6385, Ladies 5658 (Yards)

Par:  71

Date Founded: 1946

Location:  Kabete, Nairobi

Green fees, Week Days: 9 holes KES 850 ( KES 650, if accompanied by a member),

18 holes KES 1 350 (KES 1 050, if accompanied by a member)

Weekends: 9/18 Holes KES 1 750 (KES 1 350 if accompanied by a member)

Facilities: Golf Course, Bar, Restaurant



                              KENYA RAILWAYS GOLF CLUB

The Kenya Railway Golf Club was established as a private club for the Railway staff by the then Kenya Railway Manager’s wife, Mrs. Couper, in 1992 as the Kenya Uganda Railway Golf Club (KURGC).

Membership to the club was opened to non-railways staff in 1024.

Holes: 9 (18 tees & 10 greens)

Length: 7021 Yds

Par: 72

Address: PO Box 40476, Nairobi

Tel: +254 2 721859




                                                     SIGONA GOLF CLUB

Kenya Golf Guide

The Club House at Sigona Golf Club

Sigona Club is located in Kikuyu, which is about 18 kilometers from Nairobi. Sigona Club was founded about 1938 by the Kikuyu Estates Limited and was designed and constructed by Mr. Berkley-Mathews the then Managing Director of the company and was used by him and his invited guests. The golf club’s logo comprises an elephant head drawing back on the history of its first nine- holes which was built around an elephant’s water point.
The club boasts of an eighteen-hole course set on one of Kenya’s most beautiful fairways. Measuring 458 and 485 yards for men and women respectively, the seventh hole is the club’s toughest.
The club is one of the few golf clubs and courses that offer online tee-off time at its website.
TEL: 0202020518/9,
CELL PHONE: 0722 600325, 0733 780441
FAX: 020-2020520, EMAIL:




                                                       MUTHAIGA GOLF CLUB

Kenya Golf Guide

The putting green and the club house at the Golf Club.

Muthaiga Golf Club has one of the oldest golf courses in Kenya. The Muthaiga Club is located off Kiambu Road at the edge of Karura forest. The club’s golf course has several indigenous trees, varieties of trees and flowering bushes giving the course a unique feel and atmosphere, making it one of the most beautiful golf course in Kenya.The club also host the Kenya Golf Union, the national representative of all golf clubs in Kenya.

Muthaiga Golf Club has one of the oldest golf courses in Kenya. The Muthaiga Club is located off Kiambu Road at the edge of Karura forest. The club’s golf course has several indigenous trees, varieties of trees and flowering bushes giving the course a unique feel and atmosphere, making it one of the most beautiful golf course in Kenya.The club also host the Kenya Golf Union, the national representative of all golf clubs in Kenya.

Muthaiga golf course was originally a nine holes course with the nine holes being liad out in 1913, a year after the club’s foundation was set. Around 1926 the club extended the golf course to eighteen holes.

Muthaiga Golf Club’s golf course great greens accord it a beautiful layout with several challenges for for both
the regular and visiting golfer.

The course has predominantly hosted the Kenya Open, the most prestigous golfing event in Kenya, part of the
PGA European Challenge Tour.

Length: 6176 yards

Par: 71

Holes: 18


Muthaiga Golf Club

P.O. Box 41651, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: +254 (0)20 376 125 3; +254 (0)20 376 125 3; 376 128 0, 376 241 4; 376 080 4

Fax: +254 (0)20 376 126 8

Email: golfadmin@muthaigagolfclub .com




                                                   KIAMBU GOLF CLUB

Kenya Golf Guide

The entrance at the Kiambu Golf Club

Address: P.O. BOX 139-00900 KIAMBU

Telephone: 254-20-2304304

Fax: 254-20-2066599



Holes: 9

Length: 6858 YARDS

Par: 72

Date Founded: 1916
Location: Kiambu, Nairobi
Green Fees: Members – KES 1, 000

                                MALINDI GOLF CLUB

It is situated on the North Coast, 117km from Mombasa and 500km from Nairobi. It has other facilities including tennis, darts, snooker and a bar as well as clubs for hire.

Address:  Malindi Golf & Country Club

PO Box 320, Malindi

Tel: +254 123 20404

Holes:  11 holes and 15 tees

Visitors: It is advisable to play in the early morning or late afternoon.




                                                NYANZA GOLF CLUB

Kenya Golf Guide

The Golf section of Nyanza Club in Kisumu.

Nyanza Golf Club situated just next to the newly launched Kisumu International Airpot is among the oldest courses in the country and is a must visit place for every visiting golfer in Kisumu City.

The club is affiliated to the Kenya Golf Union and every year hosts the Nyanza Open Championship famously known as the ‘Hippo Pot’ as part of the Golfer of the year challenge.

The clubs proximity to the lake as well as the numerous trees planted on the course provide a unique opportunity to every golfer to experience nature at its best.

It has well maintained greens, cool atmosphere and a spectacular view of the lake.
The club offers accommodation & dining facilities, swimming pool, squash, tennis courts and other indoor games.
A resident Pro is available for lessons on request.

Address: P.O. BOX 29-40100 KISUMU

Telephone: +254 057 2022433



Holes: 9

Length: 6261 yards

Par: 70

Green Fees: KES 1, 000




                                               VIPINGO RIDGE GOLF CLUB

Kenya Golf Guide

The front view of the Vipingo Ridge Golf Club.

Vipingo Ridge Golf Resort on the North Cost of Mombasa lies in the centre of a 2,500 acre former sisal estate.

The property rises from just above sea level to a 140 metre high ridge before falling off again to the scenic lake and game conservation area to the west of the site.

The golf course at Vipingo Ridge is the first in East Africa to be built to a truly international standard, with the world renowned USGA specification being used for all aspects of the course.

The large and undulating greens at Vipingo Ridge are cultivated with fine Bermuda grasses to guarantee fast and true putting surfaces. A fully automated irrigation system and a large inventory of new green-keeping equipment ensure that the playing surfaces are maintained in pristine condition all year round.

Year built: 2009

Holes: 18

Par: 72

Altitude: 125 metres (410 feet)

Tee distance (Championship): 7, 314 yards

Tee distance (men’s): 6, 881 yards

Tee distance (ladies’): 6, 483 yards

Designer: David Jones

CONTACT: Tel: 0733155155




                            NAKURU GOLF CLUB

Kenya Golf Guide

The Club House at the Nakuru Golf Club.

Nakuru Golf Club 18 hole golf course was opened in 1929 by Lord Francis Scott and rests peacefully on the slopes of the volcanic Menengai Crater. It is the only uphill course in Kenya – the rolling fairways gradually lead to the mostly uphill greens. Spectacles of the blazing coral pink flamingo patches dotting the deep blue hue of Lake Nakuru, greet your eyes on the 8th and 18th tees. In the dry season, the course is difficult to play due to lack of a proper watering system. This championship course is visually pleasing and has some unusual challenges and therefore exciting to play.

Holes: 18

Length:6802 yards

Par: 73

CONTACT: P O Box 652, Nakuru

Tel: +254 37 40391



                                  NYERI GOLF CLUB

Kenya Golf Guide

The Club house at the Nyeri Golf Club.

Nyeri Club is the second oldest golf course in Kenya. The Club was started by Reggie McClure and G. Sandbach Baker in 1910. The first nine-holes were laid at about the same year. The course was extended to eighteen holes in 1934.

This difficult mountainous course offers exquisite scenery (Mt Kenya can be seen from the 6th tee). Well hunkered greens, deep roughs and very tall evergreens plus a stream and a valley all contribute to make it a tough course. Venue for golf tournaments such as The Pan Africa Club and The Kibaki Cup.

Nyeri Club is proud to have H.E. The President Mwai Kibaki as its member and Patron.

Holes: 18

CONTRACT: PO Box 74 Nyeri, Kenya 10100
TEL: +254 (061) 4296, +254 (72) 412-9289


                          KISII SPORTS CLUB

Kenya Golf Club

A sign board at the entrance of Kisii Sports Club.

Kisii Sports Club is the second oldest golf club in Kenya after Royal Nairobi Golf Club. It was established in 1906 a few months after the latter club. It was established by Colonial Provincial Administrators who at the time controlled the South Kavirondo region.

In Post Colonial Kenya, there was a huge exodus by the white settlers from the region and as a result the club suffered numerous setbacks such as land grabbing, poor administration by the locals, lack of skilled man-power to run the club among others.

For a long time the club had top notch facilities ranging from Tennis Courts, Swimming Pool, Squash Court, Snoocker and a challenging 18 Hole Golf Course, however, out of land constrains in the region coupled with land grabbing, the golf course is now a 9 hole Golf Course. To date the club is still under threat of land grabbing.

Year built: 1906                                   

Holes: 9

CONTACT: PO Box 103 Kisii, Kenya
Tel: +254 (058) 30169




                          NYALI GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB

Kenya Golf Guide

A sign post at the Nyali Golf and Country Club.

Nyali Golf & Country Club is conveniently situated within the posh residential area of Nyali. It is close to the North Coast Hotels and located 8 kms from the centre of Mombasa Island along the Links Road and is named because of the location of the Course. It has a real Championship layout with impeccable Greens and a testing short rough.

Year Built: 1956

Par: 71

Holes: 18

Price Range weekdays: KES 2, 400

Price Range weekends: KES 2, 600

CONTACTS: PO Box 95678 – 80706, Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254 726414477 / +254733414477

                                MACHAKOS GOLF CLUB

Kenya Golf Guide

The Club House at Machakos Golf Club.

In the heart of Machakos sits a nine-hole golf course with indigenous grass at its fairways and more `browns’ than there are `greens’. The interesting holes are said to be the seventh (which is the toughest) and eighth. Situated only 75 minutes drive from Nairobi, the clubhouse offers tennis, and a multi-purpose playing field.

Year built: N/A

Holes: 9                

CONTACT: PO Box 148, Machakos, Kenya
Tel: +254 (044) 21778
                                   LIMURU COUNTRY CLUB

Kenya Golf Guide

A view of the Limuru Country Club’s Club House.


Worthy of its place among Kenya’s most famous tea fields, Limuru Country Club shows that we value fine golf and fine company just as much as our most celebrated commodity.
Set amid the radiant green tea hills that gave rise to Kenya’s main export industry at the start of the 20th century, Limuru Country Club provides a serene and uniquely charming country retreat less than 30 kilometres from the bustle of downtown Nairobi.
Nestled in the foothills of the Uplands Escarpment, as it begins its ascent towards the Aberdare Mountains, the course is spread out over 200 acres of broad, sweeping fairways interwoven with magnificent indigenous trees and alive with the calls and iridescent colours of thousands of beautiful birds. Golfers are invariably awed by the signature par 5 3rd hole, which enjoys stunning views over the luminous tea plantations as it descends to an immaculate green, bordered by a shimmering dam and rock gardens aglow with exotic flowers. The club members are a warm and welcoming mix of indigenous Kenyans, old settlers and international expatriates, and the rustic clubhouse has the feel of an old English pub with most of its original features still intact.
The hardwood floors and bar, tavern-style settings, and roaring fires lit every night, combine to exude a restful and convivial atmosphere.
Up here at over 2,100 metres, the highland air is crisp and energizing, and the view from the clubhouse verandah – a sweeping panorama over the 9th and 18th greens – is the perfect setting for a sundowner, as golfers complete their rounds cheered on by the club’s patrons.

Year built: 1952

Holes: 18

Par: 71

Altitude: 2,135 metres
Tee distance (men’s): 6,739 yards
Tee distance (ladies’): 5,582 yards

Price Range weekdays: KES 2,200

Price Range weekends: KES2, 600

CONTACT: PO Box 10, Limuru, Kenya

Tel: +254 (020) 202-2299

                         MOMBASA GOLF CLUB

Mombasa Golf Club was born on 27 June 1911 when a meeting, chaired by Mr. S.L. Hinde and attended by eighteen gentlemen, passed unanimously a resolution that a Golf Club be formed in Mombasa. The meeting appointed a sub-committee comprising Messrs. Kidd, Croall and Barry to approach the Government for a grant of land.

It is of particular interest to note that at the next full committee meeting held on 20th July 1911 the sub-committee was able to report “that the Government had granted the use of certain land near the lighthouse at a rental of Rupees 15 per annum”. At this meeting it was agreed that the entrance fee be Rs. 10 until the 1st January, 1912, after which date a subscription of Rs. 3 per month be charged. Robert Kidd was appointed the first Captain of the Club.

The clearance of the bush and scrub was energetically carried out during 1911 and the 9 holes course was completed in 1912. It should be recorded to the credit of those early enthusiasts that many of them assisted in clearing the bush after office hours and at week-ends, while African prison labour which was then available on hire did most of the clearing.

The sight chosen is a delightful one on the cliffs alongside the entrance to Kilindini Habour. The original layout of the course was altered several times. The first change was necessary due to defence requirements in the 1914 – 1918 war and for the same reason the layout in 1939 had to be redesigned to meet Military and Naval requirements. Between 1912 and 1936 there were five. radical changes including layout of twelve holes, which only lasted two years before reverting to nine holes. The original 4th Tee was built on the Coral cliff adjacent to the Old Portuguese Fort and was approached by a duck board across a twelve foot chasm and was known as ‘Gregory’s Folly’. At high spring tides the tee was frequently swept with heavy spray. The Original ‘browns’ were converted to Greens in 1961 with a variety of grass imported from Beira and today provide one of the finest putting surfaces in the country. Recently considerable time and effort has gone into improving, extending and leveling most of the tees on the course.

Over the past few years the Club has spent considerable sums of money on the club house roof and floor. However, the club has still a long way to go. The club-house which was first built in 1920, needs some major attention. It is pleasing to record that consi­derable sums of money have been raised through generous donations from persons, firms and companies and plans are now underway to carry out the rest of necessary improvements to the Club House.

Year built: 1911

Holes: 9

Price Range weekdays: KES 1, 500

Price Range weekends: KES 1, 500

CONTACT: PO Box 95678, Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254 (041) 222-8531


                           THIKA SPORTS CLUB

The course is adorned with a great mix of indigenous trees and rare birds, away from the dust and smoke of town. You open your lungs to the breeze of fresh air along well irrigated fairways. Your swing will be amazing here.

Set near the Thika Falls that were part of the scenery in the Tarzan movies. It has undulating greens and fairways.

Year built: 1947

Holes: 18

CONTACT: PO Box 257, Thika, Kenya
Tel: +254 (722) 697-751

                            RUIRU GOLF CLUB
With a course description of 6,734 yards and 72 par for men and a par of 73 covering a yard of 5,926 for women, The Ruiru Club derives its beauty from a course-view of the Maua Hills of Machakos and The Aberdare Range.

This can be seen on a clear day. Members enjoy other competitions organized by the club with tennis as the most popular, hockey and volleyball. 

With only a few 35 kilometers from Nairobi, The Ruiru Golf Course is a club that gives you a good time.

Address:  Ruiru Sports Club

PO Box 18, Ruiru

Tel: +254 151 21358

Holes: 9 but currently being extended to 18

Length: Men- 6,734 yards/ Women- 5, 926

Par: 72/73

Location: 35km from Nairobi




                           KAKAMEGA GOLF CLUB

Address:  Kakamega Golf Club

PO Box 58, Kakamega

Tel: +254 56 30150/51

Holes: 9 The longest hole is said to be the fourth which has a par of five for both men and women, and plays 534 yards for men and 487 yards for women.

Visitors: Temporary membership for hotel guests possible.

Course designer: Temporary membership for hotel guests laid-out in 1931 (four holes initially).

Location: Situated 400km west of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

Facilities: Lessons are given by caddies at the members’ request.

Presentation: Beautiful wide fairways, much improved greens and occasional Marabou storks. The East versus the West tournament is the club’s annual event (since 1945).




                         KITALE GOLF CLUB

The only eighteen-hole golf club in the Lake Victoria and Rift Valley region is located in vicinity of the beautiful Mt. Elgon. The club was started in 1924 by the European settlers. The course was constructed in 1938, with Mr A.Q Roberts in charge.

The Kitale club’s course is green throughout the year, with its fairways comprising a mixture of indigenous and exotic grasses. As one plays, the colubus monkeys make an appearance.

The club plays to a par of 73 and measures 6,869 yards for men’s tees and 5,931 yards for women’s tees.

The Club was started in 1924. That year a group of European farmers requested for 4 hectares (10 acres) of land on which to build a Club house and 40 hectares (100 acres) for a golf course which was granted. The first ever horse and carriage to be introduced in Kenya was apparently brought by one of the European settlers living in Kitale. Fridays have remained club night since the club`s inception.

Golf is the Flag bearer of all events held at Kitale Club. Our course, which is very unique and challenging attracts most golfers countrywide and from our neighbouring Countries. Kitale Club golf course is the only 18holes course in the North Rift part of Kenya which is lovely and challenging, particularly the first nine holes. The course is well maintained.

Beautiful Mt.Elgon looms off in the distance and serves as the backdrop for Kitale club`s championship course. Kitale has the only eighteen-hole golf course in the Lake Victoria and western Rift Valley region and it is definitely top quality. As one visiting professional put it, “This is not a course for amateurs!“.

Year built: 1924

Holes: 18

CONTACT: PO Box 30, Kitale, Kenya
Tel: +254 (054) 31330/
Fax: +254 (054) 30924

                         MUMIAS GOLF CLUB

Year built: 1978

Holes: 9

CONTACT: Mumias, Kenya
Tel: +254 (056) 41629

                          NYAHURURU GOLF CLUB

Year built: 1936

Holes: 9

CONTACT: PO Box 165, Nyahururu, Kenya
Tel: +254 (065) 2255

                         ABERDARE COUNTRY CLUB

Year built: N/A

Holes: 9

CONTACT: PO Box 58581, Nyeri, Kenya
Tel: +254 (061) 55620




Year built: 1959

Holes: 9

CONTACT: PO Box 35, Mount Kenya, Nanyuki, Kenya
Tel: +254 (020) 226-5000
Fax: +254 (020) 221-6796


                      MAKUYU GOLF CLUB

Year built: 1934

Holes: 9

CONTACT: PO Box 71, Makuyu, Kenya
Tel: +254 (067) 64051

                      NDUMBERI GOLF CLUB

Year built: 9

Holes: 1963

CONTACT: PO Box 273, Kiambu, Kenya
Tel: +254 (72) 760-0261


Year built: N/A

Holes: 9

CONTACT: PO Box 41585, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 (020) 764-401


                         NANYUKI GOLF CLUB

Year built: 1937

Holes: 9

CONTACT: PO Box 139, Nanyuki, Kenya
Tel: +254 (062) 22623

                    GILGIL GOLF CLUB

Year built: 1926

Holes: 9

CONTACTS: PO Box 13, Gilgil, Kenya
Tel: +254 367 2163

                                    NANDI BEARS GOLF CLUB

Year built: 1951

Holes: 9

Price Range weekdays: KES 600

Price Range weekends: KES 600

CONTACTS: PO Box 20 Nandi Hills, Kenya
Tel: +254 (053) 43104

                           NJORO COUNTRY CLUB

Year built: 1927

Holes: 9

Contact: PO Box 250, Njoro, Kenya
Tel: +254 (051) 61316

                        MOLO HIGHLANDS GOLF COURSE

Year built: 1930

Holes: 9

Contact: PO Box 142, Molo, Kenya
Tel: +254 (051) 721192

: KES 1, 500

Price Range weekends: KES 1, 500

CONTACT: PO Box 95678, Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: +254 (041) 222-8531


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