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Event organiser Lawrence Mbugua.


Golf enthusiasts are in for a treat that will include a learning experience during an inaugural Kenya Golf Estates Expo slated for May 20 to 22 at the Ngong Race Course.

The three-day Expo organised by Lavish Golf will be curtain raised by a golf event on the first day and is expected to bring together industry giant players in estate developments, bankc, insurance, construction equipment and allied suppliers, golf equipment, interior designers, suppliers and decor, real estate management companies, government agencies, security providers, motor vehicle companies and regional companies in similar capacities.

“The Premier Kenya Golf Estate Expo is one of a kind in Kenya and aims to be the leading networking platform in Real Estate and Golf Industries becoming the prime facilitator for effective Real Estate and Golf Trade in Kenya,” said one of the organisers Lawrence Mbugua.

Golf estates have sprung up in various parts of the country. Viewed as high end properties designated only for the affluent, this estates are shaping the future of gated communities in Kenya. This expo seeks to demystify Golf estates and allow people from all walks of life to engage with these estate developers.

Kenya Golf Estates Expo targets to tap into the growing demand for luxurious and high end properties by the middle to upper class income group with the ability to spend. It will provide a dynamic approach for various stakeholders to broaden their market by reaching out to the clients who will attend the event. At this time, we are expecting an attendance of 3000 people and above.

The three day Expo will showcase and promote:

  • Estate Development Projects
  • Golf Estates Developments and developing projects
  • Supplementary Industry Exhibitions and Workshops
  • Financial and Insurance Services Products
  • Building and Interior Products
  • Vision 2030 flagship development projects
  • Support the Golf Culture, Trade, Tourism, Education, Training through provision of an participants, audience and marketing
  • Host a Lavish Golf Tournament day on the 20th of May concurrently with official opening of the Expo
  • Create alternative jobs opportunities to the youth in support of the pillars for Vision 2030,
  • Provide a platform for Kenyan/Regional consultancy to promote their services
  • Provide a local one stop shop to the public to access all these industry players under one
  • Create a networking avenue for public and private entities
  • Promote Kenya brands and culture globally through the exhibitions and features
  • Promote economic growth and sustainability

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