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Uganda’s national team, celebrate after being crowned East Africa Golf Challenge champions in Entebbe.


Uganda national golf coach, Amos Kamya has singled out team work as one of the key pillars for the host’s home victory at the East African Challenge.

“National team Golf is a collective responsibility. Uganda’s victory at the death was purely a team effort”, Kamya, one of the 19 golf professionals in Uganda told Kawowo Sports.

Kamya rewrote history on Sunday as the only national team coach in Uganda to win two titles.

In 2009, Uganda won the East African Golf Challenge under the guidance of Kamya as head coach.

“We were organized right from the word go. From that three month residential training camp we held, it manifested we had a mission to accomplish”, Kamya remarked.

Kamya was spot on with the pairings during the second day of action that helped Uganda recover from the Kenyans who carried day one.

“The team pairings had been tried and tested prior the event, so the players just perfected what they practiced over the 3 weeks”, Kamya, a golf graduate from South Africa adds.

Toro club star, Ronald Otile combined with club mate; Ronald Rugumayo while team skipper, Phillip Kasozi was paired with Entebbe based Robert Oluba, while another Entebbe club player Peter Ssendaula played alongside Kilembe Mines’ Robert Happy.

With the focus now switching to the Uganda Open, Kamya believes a member from the East African Golf Challenge tournament has a chance of winning the open.

“Golf is one sport where players desire to triumph given constants as passion and fatigue”, Kamya, who won the 2006 Uganda Open concludes.

Uganda finished the final day with a point’s difference after tallying 6.5 points, with Kenya playing second fiddle.

Rwandan Francoise Habimana saved the day for Uganda, winning the final tense game 2 up against Kenyan ace, Muhammed Tahir.

As the Entebbe green keeper, George Olayo raked off the flooded 18th hole, the now anxious gallery, smelling victory burst into wild cheers as Muhammed Tahir succumbed to Habimana.

“I am glad for the entire team and everyone who has contributed immensely to the team’s winning. We shall keep in camp as we await for the future competitions”, Kiryowa Kiwanuka, president of Uganda Golf Union revealed.

Winning coach, Amos Kamya, who was incidentally the triumphant tactician when team Uganda last hosted the event in 2009 at the same Entebbe course attributed team work for the success.

“Surely, we worked as a unit. Even when Kenya led the opening day, we had the hope and set the team ambitions clear. I am so happ”, a visibly excited Kamya told Kawowo Sports.

The faces from the jubilant Ugandans all in unison were a direct communication of agony to the crest fallen Kenyan contingent.

Next year’s challenge will be hosted in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Tusker Malt 72nd Uganda open tees off on Tuesday at Uganda Golf Club in Kampala.

Final Standings:

Uganda – 18.5 Points
Kenya – 17.5 Points
Rwanda – 13.5 Points
Tanzania – 10 Points
Ethiopia – 7 Points
Burundi – 5 Points mens nike air max 90 mens nike air max 90

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