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Robinson Owiti.


IMMEDIATE former captain of the golf national team Robinson Owiti is urging Kenya Golf Union (KGU) officials to resign for failing to run the union properly.

Owiti who has been at logger heads with the union chiefs in different occasions, having questioned the criteria the union used to pick the national team for the Africa Zone VI Championships said it was high time the union’s Vice Chairman Peter Warui who was the head of delegation when the national team travelled to South Africa for the championship and team manager Andrew Chelegoi who is KGU’s representative of Western to resign.

“It was embarrassing for one of the team members Tony Omuli to be allowed to drive a golf cart during a practice session at the Denonvale Golf Club in South Africa and he doesn’t have a valid driving licence, which resulted into the player losing control and plunging into a water hazard. The union had to be fined around Sh330,000 (40, 000 rands) for the mishap,” said Owiti.

He added: “Where were the two officials when the accident occurred. They should have been the ones driving the players and ensuring that everything is well in the team.”

Owiti also said Warui being the tournament director for the Golf Of The Year Series (GOTY), had failed in his roles and should explain to the amatuers during this weekend’s Winstone Churchil tournament in Thika.

“Union officials should also explain why they received the country flag from the Sports Cabinet Secretary on behalf of the team which was going to represent the country. That has never been witnessed before,” Owiti said. nike air max junior nike air max junior

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