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Sports Disputes Tribunal chairman John Ohaga (left) and board member Njeri Onyango before making the ruling today.


Former national golf team captain Robinson Owiti today won a case against Kenya Golf Union (KGU) at the Sports Disputes Tribunal.

Owiti who had blamed the union for victimization after he questioned the eligibility of national team players Bo Ciera and Jay Sandhu since they had British passports, said justice had been found and noted that he would now join the professional ranks, happy that future amateurs would not suffer the same treatment.

“I welcome the ruling and we expect things to be orderly at the Union in future. I have lost a lot but today am content with the justice offered,” said Owiti.

The Sports Disputes Tribunal in a ruling Tuesday, on the manner in which the KGU Executive Council suspended Owiti said it was not fair and quashed the decision. In a 20 page ruling, the Tribunal took issue with the arbitrary abuse of privilege that the the respondent failed to provide to their member in form of a formal hearing.

The petition stemmed from a letter that was directed to Owiti dated 28th October 2015 informing him of suspension from the national team and striking his name off the golfer of the year events, blaming him of gross misconduct. The reasons fronted by the Union for their action was that on October 16, Owiti reportedly confronted the chairman of the Union Anthony Muhoro at the Limuru Golf and Country Club and later on proceeded to insult him and his office through social media.

In his reading, tribunal chairman John Ohaga observed the matter at hand had credible issues of merit and that needed determination having listened to earlier submissions by both parties.

Owiti, who is a member of Vet Lab Club through his lawyer Samson Mbeche had argued that he had been struck off raising pertinent issues.

The tribunal boss noted that KGU despite a resolute defense backed by its constitution on matters of discipline, failed to apply itself to the law and an image of being a gentleman’s sport.

Thus,the Tribunal expressed concern about the departure from the elementary rules of natural justice as well as the respondents body of rules. In light of this,they appreciated the social standing of the sportsperson as an aggrieved party given the weight of the matter. cheap nike air max 90 mens cheap nike air max 90 mens

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